Lights! Camera! Action!

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Lights! Camera! Action! is a personalized dance photo shoot session featuring live action in a studio setting that captures beautiful images of you in your favorite costumes, highlighting your talent.  Your final images are available online for sharing, downloading and printing, all right from our website.  Access to our mobile app is included at no additional cost.  This is a very popular add-on to Senior Portrait sessions booked with us.  Prices are very reasonable, both for the session and prints/memorabilia.  We offer a wide range of gift merchandise with your photos, too!

  • Bring your favorite poses or leaps, or we will work with you to choreograph your session
  • We provide many props, like flowing silks, but you are welcome to bring anything else you like
  • Open to all skill levels and ages, leaps and tricks are not required to get great results!

Pricing Information

Basic Session (A) Full Session (B) Extended Session (C)
20 minute shoot 30 minute shoot 45 minute shoot
1 Costume 2 Costumes 3-4 Costumes
5 digital downloads 10 digital downloads 15+ digital downloads
Online print ordering $20 off online print order $40 off online print order
$100 $150 $200

**Special pricing available for any group of three or more.  Please ask!

We are scheduling group sessions in our Chanhassen, MN studio.  You can sign up below with your teammates and friends, or join others.  Either way, you will have your own time to shine in front of the lights and camera!  Select the date and time you would like.  We will rotate through dancers during your time blocks so you have time to change and rest.  Be sure and indicate which session package you would like when you sign up so we can plan time accordingly.  After you register, we will email you more details of what to expect when you come.



Dance Studios

We are very excited to be able to bring our full photo studio to your dance studio!  Group discount rates and studio benefits are available.  Please contact us for more information and to schedule us at your studio.

Dan Pothier


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